Choose your travel agency wisely, don’t get scammed!

Your vacation is your investment of time and money!

With several lifestyle travel agents in the U.S., finding the right one to plan your next vacation can seem like a daunting task.

Here are a few tips to help you begin your quest to find the best advisor to suit your needs.

  • Ask for references: You should always ask the agent for client references who you can reach out to directly to ask about their experience.
  • Watch for certifications: Your agent should also comply with any state seller of travel laws and carry error and omission insurance. Making sure the travel agent has one or a few certifications from professional organizations will show that the agent has met some level of professional credentials.
  • Ask for travel insurance: Travel insurance is a crucial variable to take into account when choosing an agent. This form of insurance is provided for the traveler for a number of situations that could occur during travel. An agent needs to be able to provide a traveler with these options to purchase so the traveler can be assured they will be protected during their trip.

Remember your vacation is an investment of your time and money!

When you book with LLV Club you can rest assured that we can offer you all of the above, can the other companies selling lifestyle travel do the same?

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