It’s your g-spot … find it!

By now, you should know that all women have one. Yes, that evasive, little and mysterious area capable of producing insane pleasure is real…and Yes you have one too!
It’s true that the G-spot continues to be a mystery for many women. As a woman, you can spend your entire sexual life having the hottest sex encounters, in many ways and forms! With the sexiest peoples in the world and still, no matter how hard you try…you never discover it.

Unfortunately, women who have tried but still been unable to find their G-spot may eventually give up altogether. Even worse, they often write themselves off as anorgasmic or incapable of physically experiencing a vaginal orgasm.

Well, I’m here to tell you that YES YOU CAN find your G-spot! The female body has a tremendous capacity for pleasure, more so than many women have likely experienced. It’s entirely possible for you to attain your goal of a vaginal O, no matter how hopeless it might seem. Just because you haven’t found your G-spot yet does not mean it’s not there.
It may take a little time to find it; you may need to try some new techniques and a whole lot of patience. But if you can commit to all, you will be able to add the G-spot to your O list.

First, let’s talk location: You can find your G-spot on the front wall of your vagina, about two inches inside the vaginal opening. It’s a cluster of tissue that is roughly the size of a bean and resembles the texture of a walnut (though size and location may vary from the vagina to vagina). When a woman becomes aroused, this lump of tissue swells and becomes more sensitive (in a really good way) to the touch.

Once you’ve homed in on this pleasure-packed area, it’s time to start exploring…

Here are three paths to take you to G-spot bliss:

Your Fingers…your dear friends:
Your fingers are an excellent way first to identify and stimulate your G-spot, if only so that you’re acutely aware of its exact location. To do so, insert two fingers into your vagina with your palm facing up, pointed toward your belly button. Curl your fingers up and gently stroke the top of the vaginal wall—when you feel a slightly ridged area, you’ve located the spot.
Move your fingers in a “come hither” motion, using your fingertips gently massaging the upper wall, and put direct pressure on the spot until you’re rocketed into orgasmic bliss. If it is difficult for you to get your fingers in the exact position, don’t worry—this is where sex toys come in.

Sex Toys help:

Sex toys can not only help you find your G-spot when your fingers can’t, but they also can stimulate something familiar—your clitoris—at the same time. This type of simultaneous stimulation can help you achieve a blended orgasm, which is both vaginal and clitoral.

Sex Positions

Being on top doesn’t just protect you from jackhammer sex, where the guy pounds you rapidly and misses your clitoris altogether—it also places you in an optimal position to stimulate your G-spot. When you’re riding a partner, you’re also able to add pressure to your clitoris, especially if you grind in a rocking motion. This is a surefire path to experiencing a knockout blended orgasm, and best of all, you’re in total control of taking yourself there.

Of course, there’s no easy one-push button for G-spot pleasure, but anything worth having is worth working for.

Boosting the Power of Your G

Practice makes perfect, and that’s especially true when it comes to your G-spot. The more you stimulate it and incorporate it into your sex repertoire, the easier it’ll be to achieve G-spot Nirvana.

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