It seems to be a trend in relations “without compromise” of today it’s “intimacy” up to Ecstasy, but without the need for penetration. It’s the petting, what is it? We invite you to you find out.

Petting LLV Club
Come play with us!

The world seems to have evolved when the topic of sexuality referred to commitment, the virginity and the protection of a pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease seems to be in the minds of those who choose to have a pleasant encounter without resorting to activities that make them feel guilt-free.

The “petting”, a word derived from the English, which translates to “to pet” (caress, pamper, Kiss) this trend is implemented in those who do not wish to assume any commitments, in which manage to have an orgasm through caresses, kisses, mutual friction throughout the body and even masturbation without having the penetration.

To start this practice does not need any experience, to this point, is ideal to discover the erogenous zones of the couple from head to toe, this lets participants know what are the key points to achieve an effective excitation.

With the handling of the petting the sexual routine, may vary in the case that is a regular partner. However, this activity is ideal for those who are not very well known and do not want to go beyond a sexual encounter

Wonder what effective is this kind of sexual exercise? Ideally, both are willing and have enough wishes to achieve a turning point in your intimate life

¡Get to Work!

Start by having a better communication, know which parts excite you and which not; the key of this activity is that you both handle a large menu of options. When it comes to exploring the body, everything is valid. Use your imagination!

There is no need to complicate; everything is a matter of “desire”….. The place, day and time will be unimportant. But beware! You must be clear of what you are doing, saying and running into. When it comes to “strangers” try to be aware that the “Petting” is just a moment of touching that is enjoyable for both.

However, the married couples have green light for that and even more.

Come on! Try to experience a great meeting which without a doubt is safe and satisfactory. Remember how it was to be a teenager with a great world of new sensations ahead of you.

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